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Fic: To Her Liking 3/? {Lilly, Logan/Veronica, ensemble} R

Title: To Her Liking
Pairings/ Characters: Lilly, Logan/Veronica, Ensemble
Author: Eliza Ann
Word Count: 3819
Disclaimer: Yes, because I always write fanfic about things I own. It's not mine.
Rating: R
Warnings: Swearing you wouldn't see on the show and that's basically it.
Spoilers: Mostly just 1.02, Credit Where Credit's Due, but let's say all of season one, shall we?
Summary: How different would things have been if Celeste had divorced Jake for his affair and left with Lilly when she was a baby? Answer: Really different. Season one re-written. This is L/V, don't worry, but there's lots of Lilly.
A/N: So, this update took longer than any other before it, and I apoligize for that. This chapter is the first half of 1.02, and most episodes won't take longer than a chapter but I had some other stuff between 1.01 and 1.02 to include.
A/N2: Comments are extremely good for my health, whether they're good or bad. Seriously, if I suck, I want to know, if I rock, I want to know that, too.

All Previous Chapters

Chapter Three: Don't Assume That She Knows

“You what?”

“I know, well, I heard. I didn’t really understand a whole lot of what you and Echolls were talking ‘bout, but I got the gist.”

It was then that Lilly understood what Felix meant. Of course he had heard, he had brought her there, and he’d been all tense and confused on the way back.

“What exactly did you hear?” She had to make sure it wasn’t a false alarm.

“There was a lot of yellin’ but the most I could draw from it was that Echolls loves Veronica Mars.” He knew, this alarm was definitely not false. “Which is where I‘d like to be the first to say that that shit is fucked up.”

“I know what you mean.” Lilly sighed. This was bad. “Wait, you were on the other side of the gate, how’d you get in and why were you eavesdropping?”

“I heard shoutin’, okay, thought you might be in trouble, Echolls is bad news. So I climbed over his crappy waste a’ money gate an’ was gonna rescue you or somethin’ when I heard you all talkin’ about Veronica, an’ Echolls lovin’ her an’ shit like that. You started comin’ back so I went back to my bike an’ played it like nothin’ happened.”

He looked around like he thought they were being watched, but honestly, who would be out near the school dumpsters at 7 PM? No one, that’s who. When Felix had asked her to meet him here she had only come out of curiosity of what this important thing he had to tell her was. Now she knew.

“Look Felix, you can’t tell anyone, got that? Just pretend like you never heard that little conversation I had with Logan, and everything will be good.” She said.

“How the hell am I supposed to do that? We’re talkin’ about Logan Echolls here, jackass of the fuckin’ world, an’ it turns out he’s got a little crush on Veronica Mars. That just ain’t how things are around here,” Felix shook his head and leaned against the brick wall of the school. “It don’t make sense.”

“Actually if you think about it, it does.” He gave her a doubtful look. “If you think really, really hard. Look, it’s just a bit complicated, all you need to know is that you can’t tell anyone, okay? Just keep it to yourself and everything will work out.”

He sighed. “I get it, I get it. You want me to keep my mouth shut, an’ I will, just let me know if I’m gonna see Veronica and Echolls walkin’ through the hallways holdin’ hands in the near future.”

“I seriously doubt that’s going to happen anytime soon, but I’m doing my best.”

“Doin’ your best at what exactly?”

“Oh, nothing.“ Lilly picked up her clutch purse and started walking towards her car, glancing back to say “Nothing at all.”

She didn’t turn around, she didn’t even glance back to see if Felix was staring after her, she thought he must be. Everyone always did, their eyes just followed her everywhere she went.

Lilly thought of herself like a light bulb. Burning. Hot and bright and alive, and all the little moths would gather around her and when they got too close it was goodbye. She would burn them and they would leave. It wasn’t her choice, she couldn’t do anything about it, she couldn’t help but burn people. Like a light bulb that wouldn’t turn off.

Though she knew she would eventually burn out.

She shook her head and got in the car, resting her head against the seat and sighing. The whole world was so strange, and the fact that Felix knew Logan’s secret was even stranger. The strangest thing of all, though, was that Logan even had that secret.

Since she knew the details of their life before everything went to hell Lilly could see clearly why Logan would love Veronica, but to any outsider it would look insane. On the surface they hated each other, and it wasn’t just an act, there was actually real hate there. But it was also obvious, to her at least, that under Logan’s hate there was even more love for the girl who seemed to hate him, too. As far as Lilly could tell, Veronica really, honestly hated him, but if she knew about what Logan felt she couldn’t, could she?

That’s what Lilly was going to find out. She pulled out her cell phone and flipped it open. She already had almost every 09er, including Logan, in her contacts list, because that was what a girl like her did. But among the names of Shelley Pomeroy, Casey Gant, etc. there were also the names Veronica and Wallace. Well, her phone actually said Wally, but that wasn’t the point.

She scrolled down to the V section and selected her favorite new friend. The phone rang a few times until she heard Veronica’s voice on the other end.

“Hello?” She said.

“Hola, Veronica M. How’s life going?”

“Hey, Lilly.” Veronica’s voice was cautious but at the same time seemed excited to hear Lilly on the other end. “Life’s…well, you know.”

“That I do. Listen, I need to talk about something, it’s important.”

“Go ahead, no cases tonight, so I’ve got all the time in the world.”

“It has to be in person.” Lilly told her.

“You could come by my house, or just tell me at school tomorrow. Is it really that important?”

“It really is, but it’s got to be in private. Meet me at… that beach.”

“Ah, that beach.” She could hear Veronica’s smile over the phone. “I’d appreciate it if you were a little vaguer.”

Lilly smiled, too.

“Sorry, I don’t know the name of anything around here. I mean that beach where Logan assaulted your car.”

“Oh, got it. That’s Dog Beach, but they should really think about re-naming it just what you said. It’s got a nice ring to it don’t you think.”

“I don’t know, it’d probably be pretty hard to fit on a sign. I’ll see you in ten?”

“Sure.” And the line went dead. Lilly pressed End Call and pocketed her phone, steering her car in the direction of the beach she had visited a few days ago. The day she had found out the most fantastic secret ever. It so beats gossiping about who likes who, when you can hear about who loves who.

When she reached the beach parking lot there was already a car there, but it wasn’t Veronica’s. Lilly pulled up and got out of her own car, making her way to the yellow monstrosity that would definitely become a problem if she didn’t get rid of it soon.

“Wow V, did you cut your hair?” She was smiling at Logan as he jumped up from the hood of his car, surprised by the sound of her voice.

“Oh, it’s just you.” He said.

“Wow, that’s welcoming.”

“Yeah, well.” He pulled himself off the car and onto his feet. “Hey, did you just call me V?”

“It was a joke, Veronica’s supposed to meet me here.” She gestured towards the beach.

“You know, most girls meet at the mall, possibly the movie theater, not at an empty beach where it’s almost dark out.”

“Well, you know Veronica and I, we’re not most girls. And also, you’ve got to get going, this is private.”

“What, you mean I can’t stick around for the girl talk?” He made is voice go high in a bad impression on Lilly. “At least this means you’re not following up on your plan to play matchmaker.”

“Actually I am, but for this particular part you can’t be around. Veronica’s not gonna spill anything with her nemesis breathing down her neck.”

“What do you mean ‘spill’? I told you not to ask her about what I said at Shelley’s.”

“I won’t, not directly, anyway. I’m just going hint at the subject and see what she says, or doesn’t say.”

“Doesn’t say?”

“I read people well, okay. You may remember how I figured out your deep secret just from a look you gave her.”

“Don’t be too confident, Lilly, it’ll make you look bad when you screw up.”

“Except you forgot one tiny detail, I don’t screw up.” They were just standing there smirking at each other when Veronica’s car pulled up and girl herself got out.

Veronica took one look at Logan and got a disgusted look on her face. “What the hell is he doing here?”

“He was just leaving.” Lilly walked over to Logan’s car, opened the door on the driver’s side and told him to get in.

“Oh Lilly, it gives me chills when you get all commanding like that.” He said with the least amount of feeling he could muster, as he got in the car. Lilly just rolled her eyes, watching him pull away. She then turned to Veronica.

“Sorry about that, he was here when I got here and he wouldn’t leave.”

“Of course he was here,” Veronica said. “He turns up everywhere when I’m trying to pretend he doesn’t exist. Which is basically all the time.”

Lilly nodded. “No arguing with that.”

“So what was so important that you had to talk to me about it right now?”

“I actually need to ask you something. Umm, I heard some people talking and I wanted to ask you about this party I think you went to. Shelley Pomeroy’s, I think it was.” Okay, so she hadn’t heard people talking so much as Logan had mentioned that it was when he had confessed his love and all that jazz, but Lilly needed to make sure Veronica knew that Logan loved her, without breaking her promise to him in the process.

She watched as Veronica’s eyes went wide and studied her intensely. “What exactly did you hear?” she said slowly.

“Nothing in particular, but it didn’t sound like people were very nice to you there, just wondering if there was anyone I needed to kill. Did anyone, maybe, say something that surprised you?”

Veronica seemed to relax slightly as soon as she said the word ‘say’, Maybe something had happened to Veronica that wasn’t what Lilly was talking about.

“No one said anything different from the usual, I expected all the insults.”

“But if someone said something to you, particularly Logan, that was not the normal thing he would’ve said, you would tell me right?”

“What are you getting at, Lilly?”

“Just answer me, please.” Lilly begged Veronica with her eyes.

“If someone said something, then yes, I would tell you.”

Veronica seemed to be insinuating that something that wasn’t a confession had happened to her that night.

“You promise?”

“Yeah I promise. And maybe someone did say something unusual to me, but the whole night’s kind of a blur, so I wouldn’t know.” Lilly nodded.

So maybe Veronica really was clueless. Could it be that Logan had told Veronica but Veronica had gotten too drunk to remember? Maybe not drunk, though, what if…? She didn’t even want to think about it, and Veronica obviously didn’t want to talk about it so
Lilly would keep this info to herself for the time being.

She just nodded again and pasted on a smile.

“Okay, then everything’s good, right?”

This seemed to pull Veronica out of her thoughts and she gave a smile back. “Yeah, it’s good.”


Lilly walked out of the classroom talking to Carrie Bishop and Susan Knight. Admittedly they weren’t the nicest people you would ever meet but they knew everything about everyone (except a few things Lilly knew that they didn’t) and if she wanted an update on the latest gossip they were the girls to talk to.

“See you guys at the party, ‘kay?” Lilly called as they went in different directions towards their lockers.

She had been trying all week to work up to telling Logan that Veronica was actually clueless to his feelings for her, but she couldn’t mange to get the words out of her mouth. Then this morning she had seen them talking and realized that Veronica really did hate Logan. It was then she knew that she couldn’t tell him.

He was so desperately in love that if she told him there was no doubt that he would immediately tell Veronica how he felt, and that wouldn’t end well. If the one person who hated Lilly most, not that there was one, this was a hypothetical enemy, but if that person told her they loved her, Lilly would freak out. She was sure the same would apply to Veronica.

It didn’t matter, because Lilly had the perfect plan. She would manipulate things so that Veronica and Logan would slowly become friends again, and then she would tell Veronica. By then Veronica would probably be happy to hear the news and everything would fall into place. Until then she just had to find a way to convince Logan to stop being an ass. This certainly was a challenge.

Lilly rounded a corner and almost ran straight into Wallace and Veronica.

“Whoa Lilly, girl, it’s nice to see you, too.” He said.

Lilly pulled herself up and smiled at both of them. “Sorry, I’m in a hurry. I’ve got to get home and get ready for this bitchin’ party tonight.”

Wallace held up the flyer he had in his hand. “This bitchin’ party?” Lilly glanced at the piece of paper. There were a bunch of weird symbols on it that she didn’t really understand, so she just shrugged.

“Don’t know, is it at the beach? That’s where the one that Dick invited me to is, you guys should totally come.”

Wallace looked at the flyer longingly but shook his head. “I think I’m gonna have to stick with V and her PG-13 movie. But you have fun.”

Veronica just looked at him like he was stupid. “You should go if you want to, Wallace, I can totally handle the PG-13 movie on my own. I’ll just pull out my nightlight.”

“No way, girl, I’m gonna let you go wallowing in your self pity alone. Who’ll be there to throw popcorn at you if you’re all by yourself?”

“I have a better idea, how about you both come?” Lilly said with a smile.

Veronica looked at her blankly. “And take the risk of getting rotten fruit all over my new shirt? No thank you. 09er partiers and I don’t always get along so well.”

“Fine, you two can go watch you’re lovely movie, but you’re so going to wish you’d come to the party.”

“Yeah, probably.” Wallace said.

“No, probably not.” Veronica said.

“Okay, well maybe I’ll stop by on my way back and join in on the movie-fest.”

“Lilly, by the time you leave the party, we’ll probably be asleep.”

“Then, I’ll wake you up.” Lilly gave them a little wave, shouting “Tata!” as she headed to her car.


Lilly’s Corvette pulled up on the same beach parking lot she had been at a few days before. She pushed the door open in that overdramatic way of hers and stepped out.

She was in a sparkly red halter top with designer jeans and all the other extremely expensive crap she always wore. She flipped her hair and headed towards the beach, where she could see lights and people dancing around on the sand.

“Hey, Lilly!” Someone called. She turned around to see Dick running towards her with two plastic cups. He handed one to her and winked. “Took you long enough to get here.”

“Sorry, the Donut told me to wait for him and some friend he was bringing but the boy was just too slow, so I left without him.” She said with a smile. In all honesty she really liked Dick. He was not at all complicated and that was a nice exception to everyone else in Neptune.

“Did he mention exactly who this ‘friend’ was?” Dick asked.

“Nope, but wouldn’t it be great if it were some really easy chick?” She said it jokingly but Dick didn’t seem to catch onto that.

“Hell yeah, it would. All these girls lately are like” - he put on what was apparently supposed to be a girl voice, and actually sounded a lot like Madison. - “I’m not going to just sleep with you because you want me to, Dick, I’m not a slut, I have my pride.” - Then it was back to normal Dick voice. - “What’s that even supposed to mean?”

“No clue,” Lilly said. “I mean, I’m a total slut and I’ve got loads of pride.”


Lilly rolled her eyes laughingly. “You’re supposed to disagree and say I’m not a slut.”

“Oh, sorry, but Logan said you were running around the beach in your panties and bra, so I figured you kinda were.”

“Oh, I am.” She took a big gulp of her drink. “You know, we should totally have sex sometime.”

“Dude, that would be awesome. But you’re not gonna want me to call you or anything, right?” He actually looked a bit frightened, which just made Lilly giggle.

“Why would I want you to call me? It’s not like we have anything in common.”

“See, why don’t other girls understand that?”

“Don’t ask me, anyway, I’m going to go find Logan, ‘kay?”

“Sure, but if you wanna sleep with him, too, Caitlyn might have a problem with that.”

“Not that I want to sleep with him, ‘cause I don’t, but who’s Caitlyn?”

He looked like her like she was retarded. “His girlfriend, where have you been for the past month and a half?”

“New York City for the better part of it.” She said absently as she headed towards Logan and a girl who was probably Caitlyn.

So Logan had a girlfriend? That was totally going to screw with her ‘happily ever after’ plan.

“Hey!” Lilly said loudly over the music when she reached the group.

Logan glanced up to see her. “Well, hey there, Lil’.” She waved. “And here I thought you didn’t like me.”

She shrugged. “I’ll admit we had our…differences, at first. But I think I finally understand you, though you never mentioned you had a girlfriend.” Caitlyn was looking at her with a look of disdain.

“Jealous?” Logan smirked at her and she just snorted.

“Hardly. I just didn’t expect it, that’s all.” Since he was in love with Veronica, but whatever, the boy could do what he wanted. It would just make her glorious plans a little more difficult.

Caitlyn seemed to ease up at Lilly’s statement that she wasn’t interested in Logan, and she was now smiling at her.

“So Lilly, you’re from NYC, right?” She asked, but before Lilly could answer she spotted Duncan and some other guy getting out of his car and walking towards the crowd.

“Hey, Donut!” She called, waving them over.

They were close enough so that she could hear it when Duncan’s friend looked at him questioningly and said “Donut?”

“I didn’t choose the nickname.” He replied.

“I hope not.” the other boy said with a smile.

“So this is your friend, huh?” Duncan nodded. “Dick is going to be so disappointed.” They looked at her blankly and she just shrugged.

“Yeah, I saw you talking to Dick earlier,” Logan said. “It looked like you were having a lot of fun.”

“We were, if you must know. Dick’s a nice guy.” Duncan, Logan and Caitlyn all had different little disbelieving laughs, but the gist was that they thought she was joking. “He is, he’s just not bright enough to know he’s a nice guy.”

“Who’s Dick?” Duncan’s friend asked.

“The guy who wants you to be an easy chick. Hi, I’m Lilly Kane.”

“You’re Duncan’s sister?” He asked.

“What? You didn’t think random people referred to him as the Donut, did you?”

“No, I just, I thought you’d be different. Most sister-like.”

“If that’s your way of saying I’m totally hot, then thank you.” She gave him an award winning smile. “Do you have a name, by the way?”

“It’s Troy.” Caitlyn spoke up, probably just to grab Troy’s attention. “Troy Vandergraff.”

“Caitlyn, right? From the marina?” Troy asked her. As they started talking Lilly grabbed Logan’s arm and pulled him to the side. Luckily no one really noticed.

“Watch it, there’s enough Logan to go around.” He said pulling his arm out of her grasp.

“No one’s listening, Logan, so you can cut the crap.”

“No crap to cut, I’m serious, there’s plenty of -” She cut him off.

“That’s great, let’s talk about your girlfriend, why don’t we?”

“What about her?”

“Well let’s start with the fact that she’s your girlfriend, I mean what about Veronica? You having a girlfriend is not part of my plan.”

He was starting to get agitated now. “God Lilly, the whole world doesn’t just go along with whatever your plan of the moment is, okay?”

“Oh, it’s going to.”

“Do you not get that people don’t necessarily do or want whatever the hell you want them to do or want?”

“Not all people, but you want Veronica and I want you to have Veronica, so where the fuck does your Paris Hilton look-alike fit in?”

“Just because she looks like Paris Hilton doesn’t make her a bitch.”

“But she is a bitch.”

“Yeah, she is.” He said. “But what do you expect me to do. Am I supposed to sit around all day moping because the girl I love would really enjoy impaling me with a shovel?”

“A normal person would.”

“You’ve been in Neptune for a few weeks Lilly, you should no by now that none of us are normal.”

She calmed down a little and took a deep breath. “Look, I have a plan, okay? And Caitlyn doesn’t fit in anywhere in it.”

“She doesn’t fit into mine, either. But what else am I gonna do all day, if not clingy, rich girls?” He was smiling now and Lilly smiled back despite herself. The smile grew bigger and before she knew it she was laughing.

“Oh, Logan Echolls, you are such a loser.”

He put his hand on her arm. “Thank you.”

“For calling you a loser? Your welcome, I guess.”

“For trying to help me. I know it’s a lost cause, but thank you for trying.” He got this faraway, sad look in his eyes for a second and then walked away.

Aw. She didn’t hate Logan Echolls anymore, she couldn’t, not even when she tried really hard. She was about to go find a group of random guys to dance with, but stopped when she heard the sound of engines. She turned around to see Weevil’s gang pulling up on the beach. They got off their bikes and made their way towards the group of partiers.

This would certainly be amusing.

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