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Veronica Mars

fiction and challenges

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Veronica Mars Fiction
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About the Community

VeronicaMarsFic is a community for fan fiction and challenges based on the CW's (formerly on UPN) Veronica Mars. All kinds of fic is welcome here as long as the rating is clearly marked. More on the rules below.

The Mod
- sarah_p/Sarah

Fiction Rating Guidelines

PG: No adult content or language.
PG-13: If you can watch Veronica Mars, you can read this. May include some adult content, including mild sexual situations, little violence, and swearing, such as "bitch", "hell" or "damn".
R: Contains adult situations and language. Stronger profanity, sexual situations and violence are included, as well as adult issues.
NC-17: Graphic violence and/or sexual situations.

If you're not sure where your fic fits, it's typically better to select the stronger rating and then state why you chose the given rating. (i.e. "R for strong language" versus PG-13) All fics rated R and above (ie: fics containing things that would not be seen on the show) are required to contain a "warning" section in the header. More details are located here.

The Rules

01. Subject line should be formatted like this:

Fic: Title (Pairing/Character) Rating

02. Please post your actual story below an LJ-Cut to keep the page easily readable. (Don't know how to do an LJ-cut? See here.)

Above the cut, please include:

Word Count:
Disclaimer: I am in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of Veronica Mars. No copyright infringement is intended. (Optional)

And any notes you might have about the fic.

If your post doesn't include a properly formatted subject line, an LJ-cut and/or ALL of the header information (excluding the disclaimer, which is the ONLY OPTIONAL PIECE OF INFORMATION), it WILL NOT be approved. The community is moving way too fast lately for us to deal with posts that don't follow the rules.

As of April, 2006, we have started using LJ tags in the community. You can read about our tagging system here.

03. Feedback is to writers what sex and chocolate are to other people. We NEED it!

04. All posts must contain fic! If you're looking for a beta/want to offer beta services, check out the beta thread. The only exception to this rule is posts about ficathons or fic contests. Please see Rule 06 for more information on those posts.

05. Effective 21 January 2006, RPS fanfics all need to be posted to vm_rps. Any RPS posts made to this community will be rejected.

06. Challenge advertising is the only sort of non-fic and non-mod posts allowed in the community. Members who run a given challenge may post about it once - be it a challenge community or a challenge run from one's own LJ. Second and third (and subsequent) posts, even posts reminding people to vote and/or post their fanfics, will be rejected.

07. No spoilers will be allowed outside LJ-cuts within the community for one week after each new episode airs. Enforcement of this rule includes LJ icons (icons using episode related promo pictures and episode stills are included in this category). To help prevent spoiling those who are unable to watch new episodes with the first airing, posting will be moderated as soon as a new episode is available until one week into the hiatus. If you need help making your post comply with these rules, please feel free to email sarah_p@livejournal.com.

08. For WIP pieces, only two links to prior chapters will be allowed. Since we've started tagging WIP posts with a username - title tag, it's a lot less complicated to link up your entire story thus far, and then you also have an additional allowed link for the previous chapter. Of course, you can include links to all 94 previous chapters on your WIP beneath the cut, if you'd like. We're just trying to neaten up people's friends lists a bit.

09. Including a disclaimer within the header of all posts is strongly encouraged, but is not yet required. A line for disclaimer has been edited into the sample header above, but that is the only portion that is not required for posting.

(Sample disclaimer: I am in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of Veronica Mars. No copyright infringement is intended.)

Rules last updated on December 1, 2011.

For more information about the enforcement of these rules, see here.

Any questions or problems, please send an email sarah_p AT livejournal DOT com.

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